Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Have anxiety about dentistry? Try Sedation Dentistry!


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If fear of the dentist has kept you from receiving the dental care you need, The Dentists South Shore can help! Oral conscious sedation dentistry is a remarkable tool for patients to regain dental health in a relaxed and positive manner.

Before a sedation appointment, patients take a small pill which puts them in a “twilight” state. Typically, patients have little or no memory of the procedure. Oral sedation lasts up to six hours, allowing us to complete any treatment you and your doctor have arranged, from fillings and cleaning to veneers and implants. All procedures are explained completely before the day of your sedation so you can be confident and comfortable.

Consider Sedation Dentistry if you:

  • Have had a negative dental experience in the past
  • Have dental phobia
  • Have difficulty getting numb or an aversion to needles
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex or
  • Are in need of extensive dental care

"Our job is to take care of our patient’s oral health. When fear stands in the way of seeking treatment, it can affect your overall health. We can confidently treat anxious patients with sedation and your smile can usually be completed in one or two visits."

–Dr. Christian Harteau

If sedation dentistry sounds like a step in the right direction for you, The Dentists South Shore can help! Please call, and our caring staff can answer any of your questions and discuss your concerns.

"It was actually a very pleasant experience. I never thought I would use pleasant and tooth pulling in the same sentence!"
– Lisa P.

"During the dental work, I did not feel a thing and had complicated dental work done. I am so happy to have found this dental office!"
– John P.

"I was very nervous about having four wisdom teeth pulled. Dr. Christian spent as much time with me as needed. He explained the whole process very thoroughly."
– Cecilia M.

"Procedures that took several hours felt like minutes."
– Kerry A.

If you suffer from dental anxiety and want to try sedation dentistry for your next dental work, call The Dentists South Shore in Milwaukee, WI today! Call our Milwaukee dental office at (414) 483-1600 today!

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