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Heart Disease and Periodontitis

Recent studies have shown a very strong correlation between periodontitis (gum disease), and several forms of heart disease. Some of the results of gum disease can be seen in atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and this can cause strokes or heart attacks (Gapski et al, 2006). It appears the same reactions to bacteria in both the mouth and in arteries can cause deterioration of the tissue.  Several of the byproducts of a breakdown in gum tissue can be found in the blood system in people with gum disease. These byproducts attach to the arteries in the heart and collect buildup along the arteries that leads to heart disease. When periodontal disease is held in check or eliminated, your chance of having heart disease is greatly diminished. Research shows that you are less likely to have heart problems if you do not have periodontal disease (Gapski et al, 2006). Consult your dentist to see if you are at risk for gum disease. Proper brushing and flossing of teeth on a daily basis can significantly reduce your risk of periodontal disease. At The Dentists, we have also noticed a higher risk of periodontal disease in our patients who smoke. In these cases, our advice to prevent periodontal disease is to stop smoking. 

References: Gapski, R. & Cobb, C.M. (2006). Chronic Inflammatory Periodontal Disease. Available at:

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Radiography and Digital X-ray

At The Dentists, we have been using digital X-rays since the year 2000. We switched to this system for several reasons. First, digital X-rays use far less radiation than regular film, which is much safer for our patients. Second, we can see what we need to right away as opposed to waiting to develop a regular film X-ray before looking at it. This saves time for both our staff and our patients. Another benefit is being able to enlarge and alter the picture in order to see things we may not have seen with a traditional film. Our patients can view their pictures on a monitor, which helps them to understand the conditions in their mouth more clearly. We also prefer digital X-rays because there are no harsh chemicals going into the environment as there are with traditional film. We store our pictures in the computer system, and print x-rays out only as necessary. Many insurance companies accept digital images which saves paper, postage, and time! If needed we can print out copies as needed and keep the originals.

References: Levato, C.M. (2006). Image is everything. Dental Practice Report. 13(10), 10-13.

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Dentists South Shore knows the benefits of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Many Wisconsin cosmetic dentists offer teeth whitening and now offer safe and affordable procedures in their offices. The Wisconsin cosmetic dentists who make up Milwaukee’s Dentists South Shore understand that cosmetic teeth whitening is an important lifestyle decision that can offer long-term positive effects in both your personal and professional life. The Dentists South Shore is one of a select number of Wisconsin cosmetic dentists who offer ZOOM!™ Teeth Whitening. ZOOM!™ Teeth Whitening is a new option that can whiten your teeth in just one convenient appointment. As seen on television’s Extreme Makeover, ZOOM!™  Teeth Whitening can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in just one appointment. A whitening gel is placed on your teeth and we shine a special light on the gel for about 20 minutes. This is done three times during the ZOOM!™  whitening procedure. You can expect a ZOOM!™  appointment to last about 3 hours. The other whitening service that we offer is an at-home treatment that involves wearing custom-made trays filled with a bleaching solution for a couple hours each day. This treatment can take 2 to 4 weeks to finish.

Quality cosmetic teeth whitening services are offered at The Dentists South Shore, a Wisconsin cosmetic dentist office that offers many treatments including cleaning and exams, tooth colored fillings, implants, crowns, and bridges. Dentists South Shore caring staff is committed to clinical excellence in a friendly and calming environment. Most dental insurance plans are accepted, with CareCredit, a low-interest, extended payment plan option available. Find out how Teeth Whitening and ZOOM!™ Teeth Whitening can put a brighter smile on your face!

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Our patients come in wanting that perfect smile. But in some cases wisdom teeth haven’t grown in correctly and are creating problems. Common problems with wisdom teeth occur when there is little to no space in the jaw for the teeth to grow.  It is also possible for wisdom teeth to grow in sideways or only partly emerge, leaving space for bacteria to become trapped in the gum and bone. In these cases, Wisdom teeth extraction is strongly advised in order to prevent further problems. At the Dentists South Shore, our dentists present options for wisdom teeth removal to create a healthy smile.

Pain associated with wisdom teeth extraction

Based on the dentist’s recommendations, wisdom teeth extraction may be a solution to having a healthy mouth. Some patients ask if there is pain associated with wisdom teeth extraction. In some cases, anesthetics will be used to reduce or eliminate pain. Any pain associated with wisdom teeth extraction outweighs the concerns of not extracting the teeth.

Wisdom teeth extraction

If the wisdom tooth has grown in and is creating problems such as misaligning other teeth, the dentist will most likely perform the wisdom teeth extraction as an in-office procedure. However, if there is an infection, sometimes antibiotics or other procedures are required to clear it up before extracting the tooth. In other high-risk cases, or in cases where all the wisdom teeth must be extracted, the process may be done in a hospital or surgeon’s office. During the process, the area may be numbed with a local anesthetic. However, in a high-risk case, a general anesthetic may be used. If the tooth is impacted, meaning the tooth has not grown in at all, the dentist will recommend an oral surgeon. Learning about wisdom teeth extraction options and talking with a dentist can provide the best solution for every case. Call us today at the Dentists South Shore to speak with our dentists at 414-483-1600.

Read more answers to your frequently asked questions about Wisdom teeth extraction.

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WDA Dentists in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Moving to southeast Wisconsin and have to change dentists? The Dentists South Shore is a WDA Dentist Milwaukee affliated with the Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA). The WDA offers the latest dental-related news and consumer information for the public about a WDA Dentist Milwaukee, and WDA members hold a special position of trust within society and adhere to high ethical standards of conduct.

Your WDA Dentist in Milwaukee will provide patients a preventative approach that includes an initial new patient visit to receive a thorough medical and dental history examination. Upon completion of your initial exam, the dentist will provide you with knowledge and preventive care measures to take care of your teeth until your next visit. Before you leave, your WDA Dentist will invite you back for regular check-ups to ensure proactive and preventive oral health care, with a dental cleaning scheduled after every 6 months, and a full series of X-rays to be taken once every five years or as recommended.

Dentists South Shore is a WDA Dentist Milwaukee Member

The Dentists South Shore understands that membership in the Wisconsin Dental Association is the seal of excellence and quality providing oral healthcare for the public as dental professionals. The Dentists South Shore is knowledgeable on the many different aspects of professional cosmetic dentistry that are available today including Veneers, Implants, Dentures and Partials, Teeth Whitening and Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening, a new option that can whiten your teeth in just one convenient appointment. Dentists South Shore’s caring staff is committed to clinical excellence in a friendly and calming environment. Most dental insurance plans are accepted, with Care Credit, a low-interest, extended payment plan option available.

Whether choosing cosmetic dentistry or discussing wisdom teeth extraction, call WDA Dentist Milwaukee members, The Dentists South Shore.

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Our Green Office

Drs. Tom Charapata, Christian Harteau, and Mike Golovin have always been environmentally conscious and “green” minded, and took this to heart when they relocated and renovated their new office.

Every step of construction and operation was carefully chosen to be earth-friendly and efficient.
The office is super-insulated to keep heating and air conditioning use down and to keep the noise out from the airport across the street. Fluorescent lighting is used wherever possible as well as programmable thermostats. We installed an insulated hot water circulating system that provides instant hot water throughout the building and only heats when the office is active. The doctors supply lunch items for their employees and encourage them to use the regular dishes and dishwasher to reduce waste from paper products and to-go containers.

For our patient’s and the environment’s health, silver amalgams are rarely used in the office for restorations. We have also installed a mercury recovery unit to minimize mercury in our wastewater for those amalgams that are removed. A "dry suction" system saves hundreds of gallons of water every day! The heat that our computer server room puts off is redirected to warm the office in the colder months and is blown outside in the hotter months.

The Dentists South Shore has used digital x-ray imaging since 2002. This is a more accurate diagnostic tool and eliminates the use of chemical developer, paper, and lead foil wrappers for individual x-ray films. The impact on the environment is phenomenal. It is also a more effective tool to communicate with referring specialists. The office uses a virtually paperless charting system and sends almost all insurance claims electronically, saving the earth reams of paper each day! We also use non-chemical heat sterilization for most items.  Spray disinfectant is used for all surfaces as opposed to disposable plastic barriers, and our office uses CDC certified hand sanitation systems.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of dentistry while creating a healthy experience for our patients and we continue to look for ways to take the best possible care of our patients and our earth.

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