Signs You Need a Root Canal
By The Dentists South Shore
July 25, 2019
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Experiencing dental pain due to decay or trauma? Here at The Dentists South Shore in Milwaukee, WI, our dentists, Dr. Tom Charapata, Dr. Christian Harteau, Dr. Mike Golovin, and Dr. Cecilia Margraff, can help eliminate your discomfort with the help of root canal therapy! Read on to learn if this treatment might be right for you.

What are some signs you need a root canal?

When it comes to oral health, there are a few symptoms that point towards a root canal being necessary. For example, you should visit our Milwaukee office if you:

  • Suffer from severe pain while chewing or biting your food
  • Notice pimples on your gums,
  • Have swollen, tender, and darkened gums
  • Have gray teeth
  • Have a chipped or cracked tooth

What causes the infections?

It's almost always safe to assume that poor oral or dental regimens played a par in the infection. When you don't brush and floss daily as prescribed, bacteria accumulates and starts eating into your teeth. This creates both cavities and plaque build-up, two things that destroy a tooth's protective enamel layer, furthering bacteria's mission to rot your teeth. Eventually, the bacteria eats away at your teeth until it reaches the root canal. At this poin, tooth loss can occur if it is not taken care of immediately.

Of course, an unhealthy oral regimen isn't the only reason that root canals become necessary. Something as simple as a crack and/or chip in your tooth during an accident or while playing a sport can give bacteria access to the deeper layers of your teeth and lead to inflammation of the root canal.

Concerned about your oral health? Give us a call

Getting a root canal is important to keep your teeth healthy. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a root canal, call your Milwaukee, WI, dentists today!


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