A Few Words From Our Patients...

Dentist for kids

"The staff at the Dentists South Shore is very accommodating. It’s nice to have friendly faces behind the desks and in the cleaning/exam rooms. My kids love coming to the dentist! Quite a few of my relatives come in to see Dr. Tom. He spends quality time with the patient – answering any questions or concerns."

– Jodi F., Waterford, WI

Milwaukee's family dentist

"Dr. Tom and his staff have always treated my family as a part of their family. We are always greeted with smiles and happy attitudes. Dr. Tom and his staff make my autistic twins actually happy to visit the dentist. Thank you!"

– Diane H., Milwaukee, WI

100% trust

"It is a miracle! I volunteered to be Dr. Christian's first implant patient. I've come a long way going through root canals, crowns, and then the implant. I would say that is 100% trust."

- Sandra P., Bayside, WI

Made me feel comfortable with dentists

"After several unpleasant experiences with other dentists, Dr. Tom and his staff have taken away the “fear of the dentist.” He has a way of making everyone feel important. With three kids involved in school activities, Dr. Tom’s flexible hours make scheduling appointments easy."

– Joy R., Milwaukee, WI

No more fear of dental work

"I recommend Dr. Christian to all my family and friends - or anyone who has a fear of dental work. I was the worst case scenario. I would actually have panic attacks before and during dental visits at my previous dentist. Dr. Christian and his staff were so understanding and helped me through my fears. I now look forward to having my teeth fixed and don't think twice about having another panic attack."

- Scott, Franklin, WI

Up on the latest technology

"Dr. Tom and his office staff treat you like a customer rather than a patient. They understand that customers want quality service given in a timely manner. I would recommend Dr. Tom to my family and friends. He is a good dentist. He keeps up with the latest technology. He respects the time constraints of his customers and treats you with respect and moral concern."

– George Z., Milwaukee, WI

Patient and kind

"I am very grateful to Dr. Tom for his patience and creativity during my recent big [dental] project. I can truthfully say I feel more confident, and I think my smile is much improved. Dr. Tom’s staff is wonderful, kind, professional and talented. Thank you so much."

– Paula W., Milwaukee, WI

No more headaches

"After years of suffering from T.M.J., it was Dr. Tom who finally was able to fit me with a night guard that actually works. I sleep better and awake without the morning headache caused by T.M.J. Thanks Dr. Tom!"

- Nancy S., Milwaukee, WI

A beautiful new smile

"The doctors are professional, personable, courteous and ethical. On my second visit I was greeted by name which impressed me. The equipment is state-of-the-art. Dr. Tom, Dr. Christian and their staff listen to my concerns and wishes. Thank you for my beautiful smile."

- Mary Beth, Milwaukee, WI